Friday, October 23, 2009

Optimizing the Candidate Experience

It has become an active topic of discussion on recent blogs and discussion boards across the recruiting industry. For a long time third party recruiters and candidates have shared bad experiences with companies that seem to not care much about the candidate experience. Even more so today with the unemployment level still at record highs companies are being inundated with applicants. Recruiters and hiring managers are being flooded with resumes, emails, voicemails, referrals from friends, family and colleagues, etc to current job openings. Providing the most optimal candidate experience has never been more challenging.

However, even though we are overwhelmed with mostly unqualified candidates, giving them an unsatisfatory experience can lead to many major issues once the market does turn around and jobs aren't so scarce. One candidate that is unqualified for one position within the company could be the best choice for another potential role. Candidates that have unhappy experiences are also typically the ones that find ways to express and share their experiences:

I encourage all of you to re-evaluate your current candidate process and think about the experience you and the hiring managers are giving to candidates. Remember the saying?... "Treat others the way you would want to be treated". What type of experience would you want to have if you were a candidate? It is definitely something we should continue to think about.

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ERE Blog: "You Should Be Ashamed"

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